Insights into classes in the module “Optional Studies”

Here we provide insights into workshops and classes offered for the module “Optional Studies” (which is part of each Bachelor program). The workshops intend to support you during your studies – be it during the start of your studies, helping you develop certain skills helpful for your studies or in preparing you for your transistion to the job market. Let’s start with a video clip with Ina Ross and her workshop “Künstlerische Positionierung” (video in German):

(Video clip produced by Elisabeth Schüth for ‚Start with a buddy‘)

Classes from the field “Body Awareness” can be part of the module “Optional Studies” as well. In the video, professor Nadia Kevan explains what exactly body awareness is and why it is so important for artists that there is even a special focus on it in the curriculum (video in German):

(Video clip produced by Kejti Karaj for ‚Start with a buddy‘)