Buddies 2017 | 18

What your buddies offer you:

Buddies can provide you with a lot of support: For example, they are trained to know the counseling services for students at Folkwang (and beyond) and can tell you where to go. Buddies also know how to find a new room or have a tip for a good dentist. They also offer:

Interpreting: Buddies speak German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, and Russian (interpreters in other languages can be found!) and act as interpreters when you go on a visit to the authorities, have an appointment at the doctor’s or when you need support in any other linguistically difficult situation. Just get in touch with them!

Artists’ exchange – by students for students: You need an artist for your project? You are looking for a photographer, a communication designer for your website? Need a poster for the next event at your faculty? A party in your shared flat is coming up and you are looking for a DJ? Want to launch an interdisciplinary artistic project? The buddies are happy to receive inquiries and are happy to help!

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