Info For Beginners:

Especially at the beginning of your studies many questions arise. Of course, you can always ask your buddy,  but we have put together a few helpful links here anyway.

Tutorials: We have several tutorials for you providing you with first hand information on studying and living at Folkwang:

How to get to the campus in Werden? The tutorial “From anywhere to Essen-Werden – and back!” provides detailed information.

Folkwang for new students – an introductory film created by the Folkwang StudiScouts. Check out more cool videos and interviews on their homepage -> Folkwang StudiScouts

How to get a practice room at the campus in Werden? We show you how in our practice room tutorial!

Do you already know what students at the “Dance Department” do all day? A video “What we do in the Dance Department” by former buddies Mònica Sicart and Ivan Strelkin has all the answers:

Link list on the Folkwang homepage:

We start with the link list on the Folkwang homepage, where you find many helpful links concerning your start of studies at Folkwang!

Link list Folkwang

AStA (General Students’ Committee):

They help with everything they can, feel free to get in touch:

AStA homepage


As a student at Folkwang you have various opportunities to borrow things. Check out our overview

Consultation: Here you find an overview of consultation possibilities

Licence Fee for the Public Service Broadcasting:

For the media of the public service broadcasting a contribution must be paid. This homepage informs you about the so-called “broadcasting fee” and possibilities of a reduction: Public Service Broadcasting Fee The information is available in other languages than English and German, too. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Other languages”. Here you find a website on how to get a remission of the licence fee: Licence Fee Remission on (in German only)

Folkwang Organizer:

Funding at Folkwang:

Folkwang offers various grant opportunities. An overview of grant opportunities can be found here:


German Language Requirements:

Language Requirements

For questions concerning your language requirements, please contact Ms. Melters: 49 (0) 201 4903-31, melters(at)

Language Tandem:

In a language tandem, you get in touch with someone who speaks the foreign language as their native language that you want to learn. In return, you teach him / her your native language. Just send an email to sprachtandem (at)

Immigrations Officearrange appointment (online only): If you come to study from abroad, you may have to apply for a visa or visa extension at the immigration office on a regular basis.

Information about visa matters and residence permits are available on the websites of the Federal Foreign Office and the German Studentenwerk.

Office for Student Affairs:

Questions on enrolments, student ID, etc. / Faculty 1 and 2: Ms. Kiene 0049 (0) 201 4903-234, kiene(at), Ms. Knobloch: 0049 (0) 201 4903-295; knobloch(at)

Questions on enrolments, student ID, etc. / Faculty 3: Ms. Wurl 0049 (0) 201 4903-213, wurl(at), Ms. Maciolek 0049 (0) 201 4903-308, maciolek(at)

Questions on enrolments, student ID, etc. / Faculty 4: Ms. Zenker 0049 (0) 201 183-3346, sonja.zenker(at), Ms. Hohmann 0049 (0) 201 183-3336, cornelia.hohmann(at)