Course offerings in the module “Optional Studies”

Here you find an overview of the courses we offer for the module “Optional Studies”. These courses are designed to help you during the start of your studies.

The module “Optional Studies” is implemented in all Bachelor programmes. You can find more information on your course of study in the module catalogue and in the semester plan on the Folkwang website. Furthermore, the Student Advisory Service helps you with all questions concerning your module catalogue or semester plan.

You can find interviews with teachers from the Optional Studies on this website: Insights into the Optional Studies

During the summer semester 2020 the following courses are funded by grants of the ‘Start with a buddy’ program:

—due to the Covid-19 situation, we will inform you later about classes during summer term 2020—

Wintersemester 2019/20

_Rangeln – Sicherheit durch Selbst-Bewusst-Sein
_My Way – Work-Life Balance für Kreative
_Wecke deinen Unternehmer*innengeist!
_Achtsames Selbstmanagement in der Kunst*

*partly funded by ‘Start with a buddy’

Summer semester 2019

_Fachsprache Musik
_My Way – Work-Life Balance für Kreative

Winter semester 2018/19

_Zeit- und Selbstmanagement
_My Way – Work-Life Balance für Kreative

Summer semester 2018

_Konfliktmanagement und Kommunikation in kreativen Prozessen
_Zeit- und Selbstmanagement

Winter semester 2017/18

_Studieren an Folkwang und Fachsprache Musik. Ein Einstieg für Musik-Studierende (FB 1 und FB 2) in den ersten Semestern
_Theater und Kommunikation
_Zeit- und Selbstmanagement
_My Way – Work Life Balance für Kreative
_Schreiben über Musik, Kunst und mich
_Lets talk about ‚Gestaltung‘ – Fachsprache Gestaltung